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馬 Quaga Quaga's Information
Horse Color:Perlino Roan Dun

馬 Quaga Quaga

Age: Deceased
Height: 14.0
Bone: Medium (2.00)
Era:0 (What are eras?)
Id Number: 97952
Birthday: Jul. 01, 2007
Foals This Year: 0
Owned by: The Archive
Bred by: sunwolf
Gender: Spayed Mare Breed: Rawenesh Sport Pony
Color: Perlino Roan Dun
Location: The Archive: 1 Foal
Level: Training
Grade: National
Training: Needs Trained
Earnings this year: 0 hb's
Points this year: 0.0
Total earnings: 6602 hb's
Total points: 51
Daily Payout: 5 hb's
Testing Score: Red papered

Club Registries

Era 0 Breeders Club
Genetic Testing Results

Phenotype: Perlino Roan Dun

Pigment Modifiers

  • Black: E/E One or 2 large E's will make black based horses while 2 small e's will make red based horses.
  • Bay: A/a Bay only effects black based horses. One or two large A's turns blacks into bays. Two small a's has no effect.
  • Cream: Cr/Cr Regular cream is a C and has no effect. One Ccr makes palominos, buckskins and smokey blacks. Two Ccr's makes cremellos, perlinos and smokey creams.
  • Dun: D/D One or two large D's will make a horse a dun or a grullo. Small d's have no effect.
  • Gray: -/- One or two large G's will make a horse gray. Horse with 2 G's will turn gray faster then horses with one G. Two small g's has no effect.
  • Flaxen: -/- Flaxen only effects red based horses. Two small f's makes a red horse have a flaxen mane. One or two large F's has no effect.
  • Sooty: Sty/- Sooty darkens a horses coat. Two Ssty's make a horse darker then one Ssty, but how dark can be random. Two S's have no effect.
  • Pangare: -/- Pangare lightens a horses coat, particularly around the flank and muzzle. Two large P's will lighten more than one large P, but how much can be random. Two small p's has no effect
  • Silver: -/- The silver gene dilutes only black pigment but not red pigment, so only black based horses are effected. One or two large Z's dilute black hairs on black based horses. Two small zz's has no effect.
  • Champagne: -/- Champagne dilutes pigment, and makes the coat of a horse shiny. It also gives them pumpkin colored skin and amber eyes. One or two large Ch's turns a horse champagne. Two small ch's have no effect.
  • Tiger Eye: -/- Tiger Eye comes in two variations TE1 and TE2. Both act in the same way and can be mixed and matched (max two per horse). The Tiger Eye gene reduces the amount of pigment in the eye. One copy reduces pigment slightly and may be unnoticeable. Two copies boldy reduced pigment resulting in eyes ranging from orange to blue depending on genetics.
  • Mushroom: -/- Mushroom Gene
  • Dun Factor Promoter: -/- A secondary gene that changes the appearance of the dun gene. Two copies of DPF1 will add brindle like markings to dun horses.
  • Dense Pheomelanin: -/- Causes extra production of red pigment. Can produce liver chestnut when combined with sooty.
  • Satin: -/- The Satin gene causes the core of the hair to be hollow resulting in a fiber optic sheen. Satin is recessive and requires two copies to show
  • Chocolate: -/- Two copies of the recessive b TYRP1 mutation turn all black pigment into chocolate brown pigment.
  • Chinchilla: -/- Chinchilla
  • Axiom: -/- Nexus
  • Rainbow Riot: -/- The Rainbow Riot gene family. Rpl cuts plaid stripes into the pigment and also adds a random color stripe.

White Markings

  • Kit Genes: R/- Kit is one gene that makes many different patterns. Roan, Tobiano, and White are all types of Kit. One or two Kitr's turns a horse roan. One or two Kitto's turns a horse tobiano. One copy of Kitw(including w2,w3 etc) turns a horse white, but two copies of Kitw kills a horse. Two plain Kit's has no effect.
  • Splash: -/- One Sps will add bottom up white markings to a horse that look like it was splashed with paint. Two Sps's will exaggerate the effect. Two Sp's have no effect.
  • Splash 2: -/- PAX3 splash is caused by a different gene from normal splash. It is more aggressive and results in bigger white markings. It is normally homozygous lethal so only a single copy will ever show on the image. + is wild type and no splash, while C70Y is splash mutation.
  • Appaloosa: -/- One Llp adds mottling to a horses skin and invisible to full body white broken by polka dots of base color. Two Llp's adds the same but with no polka dots. Two Lp's has no effect.
  • Appaloosa Blanket Size: -/- PATN1 is the most important gene for controlling the size of an appaloosa's blanket. One copy of ECA3PPATN1 will give a horse a large blanket while two copies will give a horse a near or total body white.
  • Rabicano: -/- One or two large Rb's adds white ticking to the flanks and tail of a horse. Two small rb's has no effect.
  • Frame: -/- One Olw frames a horses white markings with base color, but will only be visible with white markings to frame. Two Olw's kills a horse while two O's has no effect.
  • Snowflake: -/- Two copies will turn normal appaloosa varnish to snowflake varnishing.
  • Gulastra Plume: -/- Gulastra Plume interacts with agouti to cause excessive pigment loss in the tails of bay horses. It results in a tail that looks like it has been dipped in paint.
  • Kit Promoter: -/- When there are two KIT mutations present and two copies of Kit Promoter a cascade failure in pigment can occur resulting in completely random white markings
  • Ice: -/- Ice gene Little i is the null state and I has ice 1.
  • Phantom: -/- Phantom genes will produce shadow patterns on any KIT, Splash, or Frame markings, and sometimes on generic markings. They requires only one copy to show.

Additional Info

Purple Genes require a gene license to purchase, Orange Genes can only be purchased privately or via the auction. Glowing Genes are fantasy genes.

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Pedigree of 馬 Quaga Quaga

Sired by: ક Zayds Dream and Out of: ક Promised Land
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Horse Color:Perlino Roan Dun
ક Zayds Dream B
  Perlino Roan Dun Sport Pony
Horse Color:Cremello Roan Dun
EF Majnun C
  Cremello Roan Dun Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
ક Midas Touch C
  Unknown Sport Pony

Foundation Horse
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
SWS Touch the Moon Failed
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
ક Midas Touch C
  Unknown Sport Pony

Foundation Horse
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
ક Promised Land Failed
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
ક Lupine C
  Unknown Warmblood

Foundation Horse
  Unknown Warmblood

Foundation Horse
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
TS White Zebra Failed
  Unknown Warmblood

Foundation Horse
  Unknown Warmblood

Foundation Horse
  Unknown Warmblood

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