G5 Pumpkin Blast's Information

Horse Color:Chestnut Splash Frame

G5 Pumpkin Blast

Age: 19 yrs
Height: 14.2
Bone: Medium (2.00)Era: 0
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Id Number: 3489118
Birthday: Sep. 02, 2015
Foals This Year: 0
Owned by: Zoe
Bred by: heirloom
Gender: Mare Breed: National Sport Pony
Color: Chestnut Splash Frame
Location: Zoe: levelled off
Level: Grand Prix
Grade: Local
Training: Leveled Off
Earnings this year: 0 hb's
Points this year: 0.0
Total earnings: 322 hb's
Total points: 38
Daily Payout: 4 hb's
Testing Score: Blue papered
Performance Test Grade: 11.20
Consistency: Inconsistent

Club Registries

Chestnut Breeders Club
Frame Breeders Club
Sooty+ Breeders Club
Splash Breeders Club

Genetic Testing Results

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ee Aa CC dd gg Ff S+S pp SpsSp OOlw WF: Large
Genes marked in orange are closed genes and subject to sales limitations.

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Pedigree of G5 Pumpkin Blast

Sired by: h Skinny Love 4S and Out of: h Custom Print 4Fr
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Horse Color:Chestnut Splash
h Skinny Love 4S *Star
  Chestnut Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
h Cinnamon Sky 3AFr A
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:Amber Champagne Splash
h Cupids Arrow A+
  Amber Champagne Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
h Dream Chaser 2RFr Red+
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
h Skinny Latte 3
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:Amber Champagne Splash
h Cupids Arrow A+
  Amber Champagne Splash Sport Pony
Horse Color:Unknown
h Pumpkin Spice 2g Red+
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
h Custom Print 4Fr Blue
  Unknown Warmblood
Horse Color:Buckskin
h Fireball 3AGP A
  Buckskin Warmblood
Horse Color:Buckskin Splash
h Argo 2A GP A+
  Buckskin Splash Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
h Blast Off 2RGP Red+
  Unknown Sport Pony
Horse Color:Palomino Frame
h DarknessBreaks3RFr Red
  Palomino Frame Warmblood
Horse Color:Buckskin Sabino Splash Frame
h Tough Break 2AFr A+
  Buckskin Sabino Splash Frame Warmblood
Horse Color:Unknown
h Darkness Falls 2Bl Blue+
  Unknown Sport Pony

Foals Of G5 Pumpkin Blast

4 foals have been found for G5 Pumpkin Blast.

Show Results for G5 Pumpkin Blast

Class NameDateLevel/Grade Placing Score
The Bishop Jutesdale ShowFeb 15, 2017 :07 H7R 9 o/o 12238
The Prestissimo Play DayFeb 9, 2017 :06 H7L 1 o/o 10232
The Tangle Wood ShowJan 31, 2017 :05 H7L 5 o/o 10226
The Leonardo ShowJan 25, 2017 :04 H7L 6 o/o 10224
The Gantrickwarren GallaJan 24, 2017 :04 H7L 2 o/o 10225
The Begorra ShowJan 20, 2017 :03 H7L 10 o/o 10220
The Whos Legal Exhibition ClassJan 20, 2017 :03 H7L 10 o/o 10220
The Poundford Gamblers ChoiceJan 14, 2017 :02 H6W 7 o/o 16215
The Fort Windbottom Medal ClassDec 23, 2016 :51 H6W 16 o/o 16203

Damages For G5 Pumpkin Blast

No history of damage. Yet...

Sales records for G5 Pumpkin Blast

Last owned by heirloom

heirloom sold to Zoe for 2600 hb's on Oct. 31, 2016 (A).


Tack showing on this horse

Pinwheel Braided Tail
Pulled Mane E8F9FF2F2F2F E8F9FF
KD So Shiny Spray E8F9FF2F2F2F E8F9FF
Yellow Rose Hedge E8F9FF2F2F2F E8F9FF

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